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16 April 2014 @ 12am
29 notes
tags: Helix Helix Syfy idk what im doing but i made a thing :D
15 April 2014 @ 6pm
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tags: will graham hannibal lecter hannibaledit seducing hannibal yep you're doing it right willy boy
15 April 2014 @ 4pm
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tags: supernatural dean winchester ezekiel oh hells yeah
13 April 2014 @ 11pm
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tags: quantum leap sam beckett al calavicci season 4 this adorable show
13 April 2014 @ 9pm
55 notes
tags: battlestar galactica kara thrace samuel anders NOPE NOPE ;____;
13 April 2014 @ 8pm
108 notes
tags: castiel supernatural Misha Collins
13 April 2014 @ 5pm
86 notes
tags: john simm SimmSunday prey WANT I am so excited for this :D my precious koala
12 April 2014 @ 10pm
19 notes
tags: mark ghanimé Helix sergio balleseros you need to STOP take your qt face away how am I supposed to survive this hiatus ;___;
12 April 2014 @ 9pm
46 notes
tags: dean winchester supernatural oh bb
12 April 2014 @ 8pm
1,739 notes
tags: will graham hannibal hannibaledit freewill finally not sure if I liked the hair cut now that he has his shiny hair cut he is all ready to battle shit just got real
9 April 2014 @ 12am


34 notes
tags: mark ghanimé Helix Syfy his twitter gives me life control your face sir STOP
8 April 2014 @ 8pm
497 notes
tags: dean winchester Sam Winchester supernatural
8 April 2014 @ 7pm
226 notes
tags: hugh dancy cold feet I feel so uncomfortable bc he looks like seven here excuse your face
8 April 2014 @ 6pm
60 notes
tags: sam tyler life on mars sam tyler you are my spirit animal after all my sweet koala
8 April 2014 @ 12am
14 notes
tags: will graham hannibal hannibaledit WHAT