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12 October 2014 @ 11pm
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tags: sam tyler life on mars SimmSunday all my feels
29 September 2014 @ 12am
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tags: secret garden hyun bin I wanted to save him so bad in that scene dear binnie those cheeks needs a few pounds kdrama the horror on his face when he realizes he's stuck in the elevator tho kills me every time
28 September 2014 @ 10pm
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tags: garrett hedlund tron legacy movies
26 September 2014 @ 8pm

Round II

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tags: mark ghanimé sergio balleseros helix helix syfy wonder what's ahead for him on season 2:D this gorgeous bastard
26 September 2014 @ 7pm
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tags: life on mars sam tyler john simm you still make me cry ;____;
25 September 2014 @ 11pm
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tags: Fox Mulder the x files david duchovny season 1 mulder tho
25 September 2014 @ 10pm
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tags: iljimae lee jun ki kdrama just another day in kdramaland but the adorable face of this dude :D giving me life tbh
25 September 2014 @ 7pm
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tags: hannibal hannibaledit
24 September 2014 @ 7pm


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tags: Jensen Ackles mte
16 September 2014 @ 9pm
For those who may wonder

why I am MIA recently… I am very busy with moving to another house,have a new place to work. So..I hope everybody is doing good :)

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26 August 2014 @ 12am
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tags: helix helix syfy sergio balleseros mark ghanimé wait...can't remember the last time I giffed this gorgeous bastard :D such a blasphemy
25 August 2014 @ 9pm
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tags: hannibal hannibaledit will graham
20 August 2014 @ 3pm
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tags: gu family book lee seung ki ahaha aww this is one of the most adorable scenes of lil puppy i wanna adopt him kdrama this show has an awesome ost
20 August 2014 @ 12am


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tags: Jensen Ackles oh you gorgeous human being
9 August 2014 @ 11pm
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tags: hannibal hannibal lecter hannibaledit